Even more bad sectors!

The past few days I decided to go through, and clean up all my old backups; See if I could free up a few more gigs of space and the whatnot.  After some trimming, it occurred to me that one of my drives is still formatted with NTFS, back from my windows days, so I figured I’d play some data tetris and format it with something a bit more pertinent to my setup, ext4.  So I moved everything off, and jumped into the Ubuntu Disk Utility.  To my dismay, I discover the drive has a few bad sectors. 

“well great >.<” I thought (cause I totally think in chat emoticons [I really do]).

One of my friends suggested writing to every sector of the disk using:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Which seemed to do the trick, and luckily failed to unearth any more bad sectors, and I guess I can live with the few that it currently has since its nothing too terrible.   Next time, I’ll prolly target specific partitions, writing the entire disk zero’s wiped out the partition table too (which I suppose is good since there could potentially be bad blocks there) but it also forced me to crack out another utility to recreate it;  an extra step in an otherwise simple and elegant solution. 

Anyway, I’m kinda paranoid now, so I’m shuffling data off all my disks individually and running dd to try to reveal any more bad sectors.  More fun than a barrel  of monkeys.


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