New Toys!

As to the general nature of non bloggers trying to blog, I don’t update often;  this is a perfect time for a general-life-update-post.  But that’s not what I’m going to write about.

This friday I finally made it to the Dallas under the bridge sale.  I’ve known about it for years, but I’ve made it down there, that is until now.  It is essentially a tech flea market held twice a month in Dallas.  It was nowhere as large as I was expecting, but it still had some interesting stuff.  Specifically a little IBM Thinkpad X41.

I’m a major sucker for IBM equipment, especially their keyboards and laptops.  My 2 main keyboards:  an IBM Model-M and an IBM Model-M space saver.  My main laptop, a thinkpad.  Past laptops have been ThinkPads, and my next laptop will be a ThinkPad.  Hence why I was so drawn to this little X41.  I am a firm believer that the best laptop is the one you will actually carry, and it fits the bill to the T.  It has a 12 inch screen and a 1.5 ghz Pentium M making for some pretty netbook like specs (Ok, actually this should be faster than the usual 1.6 ghz Atom found in a netbook– The Atom archetecture is notoriously slow per clock cycle), but what this has and netbooks lack is the infamous “ThinkPad” badge meaning its a pretty solid little machine, and between its ridiculously low price and its solid build construction, I’m not afraid of throwing it around. Plus it has things like gigabit ethernet, something you’re hard pressed to find on a netbook.

In essence, I got a new toy, Yay!



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